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    DIN Certificates

    The charcoal, charcoal briquette and firelighters manufactured by Dancoal meet the requirements of their respective European standards: DIN EN 1860-2 (coal and briquette) and DIN EN 1860-3 (firelighters). The use of these standards is voluntary, and compliance with them confirms the high quality, performance and reliability of the products. DIN CERTCO is a facility certification DIN German Institute for Standardization and Technical Inspection Association Rheinland Group. Independence, neutrality and years of experience in the country and abroad, have provided a high degree of recognition of the organization since 1972.

    DIN 2016 - Firelighters 32-48 pcs. in plastic bag

    DIN 2016 - Firelighters 64 pcs.

    DIN 2016 - Firelighters 72 pcs. in box

    DIN 2016 -Firelighters 72 pcs. in plastic bag

    DIN 2017 - Charcoal briquette

    DIN 2017 - Charcoal (Lumpwood)

     DIN-1860-3 - White firelighter