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    Where does the unique taste of grilled food come from?

    One of the most important flavor producing reactions in food preparation is the Maillard reaction. It is sometimes referred as the greatest miracle of cooking. It was first described in 1912 by a French chemist Louis Maillard.

    When the grilled food reaches the temperature of 120 degrees Celsius, certain reactions between amino acids and simple sugars start to occur. In the cycle of complex chain reactions a number of taste and flavor substances is being produces, leading to the creation of the unique flavor of grilled food and the attractive brown colour.

    One thing has to be kept in mind. Excessive rising of BBQ heat won’t improve the taste – above 180 degrees Celsius a new reaction starts to occur – pyrolysis – the food starts to burn. It makes the food taste worse (bitter) and may even lead to a health hazard.