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    Do You know how to easily check the temperature of a BBQ?

    The right heat level is important for achieving satisfactory, delicious results. You don’t need any measuring instruments.

    Simply – put Your hand around 10 cm (a height of a glass) above the grate, and count how long will it take, before you’ll need to take it back.

    • 2-4 seconds – the temperature is high (around 220-250 degrees) – ideal for steaks and grilled vegetables
    • 5-7 seconds – medium (180-220 degrees) – suitable for most foods
    • 8-10 seconds – low (120-180 degrees) – useful for warming up
    • Above 10 seconds – the BBQ is not ready yet or has started going out.

    Remember not to wait till you feel the pain. Take Your hand as soon as You feel it is too hot.



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