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    About us


    Dancoal sp. z o.o.
    Łozienica, Prosta 35
    72-100 Goleniów
    Tel: +48 91 881 89 00
    Fax: +48 91 881 89 18

    The Board:
    Redmann Tadeusz Jacek
    Martinsen Flemming Sahner
    Martinsen Henrik Sahner
    Board member
    Czechowski Mariusz
    Board member

    National Court Register: 0000308553
    Tax-registration number: PL 5272578460
    Statistical registration number: 141446927

    We’re a leading manufacturer of high quality eco-friendly barbecue and fireplace products on the European market. Thanks to our modern production facility and detailed quality checks, we are able to offer highest quality products.
    Dancoal is a company with international character and a worldwide operating range.
    We are a member of BIAG (Barbecue Industry Association Grill e.V.) – European largest organization representing the interests of European manufacturers and distributors of barbecue products

    We offer wide range of products, including:

    • Charcoal briquette
    • Charcoal (lumpwood)
    • Firelighters
    • Disposable BBQs
    • Instant lighting charcoal
    • Classic charcoal and gas Grills
    • firewood and eco briquettes for fireplace and wood stoves

    The company HQ is located in north-western Poland, in Goleniów Industrial Park, around 30 km from Szczecin. Thanks to continuous modernization and expanding of our production facility, we are constantly aiming for the improvement of our products’ quality and raising our production capabilities. The production is based only on selected types of high quality deciduous hardwood.

    The wide range of products conquer new markets from one year to another. Constantly rising number of business partners, allows millions of Customers to use our goods. Our wares can be found in largest Polish and European commercial chains. Our modern charcoal and briquette production lines, allow us to fulfill various needs of our Customers.

    We are an exclusive Polish distributor of charcoal grills and accessories manufactured under the Danish BBQ brand, Dancook. These products combine exclusive Scandinavian design with solid quality and high functionality, making for the very best cooking results.

    We are also an exclusive Polish distributor of gas grills, manufactured by Char-Broil – one of the oldest and most respected outdoor cooking company in the United States, with more than 60 years of industry experience.



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